Information on the Gold Industry and Leading Gold Mining Companies

I have always enjoyed studying different types of markets, both out of curiosity and for possible personal investments or to advise friends and close people to invest in a certain sector. That said, I was looking for some industry to study and analyze better for possible actions I could take with those actions. After a lot of analysis, I decided to study and research the gold sector and information about some gold mining company.

After researching a lot, I decided to research not just one company but to make a top 5 of all companies in the sector, how they operate, their size, their production, and much more.So the ranking was as follows: 1. NewmontNewmont was the largest gold mining company in 2019. The company has operations in North and South America, as well as Asia, Australia, and Africa. Newmont produced 195.7 tonnes of gold in 2019, an increase of nearly 40 tonnes from 2018. 2. Barrick GoldBarrick Gold ranks second on this list of the top gold producers in the mining industry. Its gold production level for 2019 has increased by nearly 30 tonnes over 2018. In addition to merging its Nevada assets with Newmont.Production: 170 tons 3. AngloGold AshantiThird on this list of top gold mining companies is AngloGold Ashanti, which produced 102.1 tonnes of gold in 2019. This is a small drop from the 106.1 tonnes produced in 2018. The South African company has 17 operations in nine countries. 4. PolyusPolyus produced 88.4 tonnes of gold in 2019. It is Russia’s largest gold producer and holds over 61 million ounces of proven gold reserves. 5. Kinross GoldKinross Gold has projects in Brazil, Chile, Ghana, Mauritania, Russia, and the United States. In 2019, the company produced 78 tonnes of gold – almost the same level as its production in 2018.Production: 78 tons.

After making this ranking of companies in 2020, little has changed and it is still an excellent parameter for those who want to know more about the sector and how companies operate.